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Mythology of Wandering Koala

The Good

Wandering KoalaThe Wandering Koala

Little is known about this mysterious and silent traveler. Due to a tramatic experience in his early childhood, he doesn't speak. His compass points to trouble instead of north, and he has an assortment of unusual weapons and tools.


Landon is a computer programer who questions whether he's really going where he wants to in life. After the near death of one of his best friends, he's inspired to change course.


Kevin is one of Landon's best friends.


Caesar is one of Landon's best friends.

The Bad

Seth AnasaiSeth Anasai

Seth Anasai is a trickster and deceiver. Recently he created a gym that trapped dozens of people for dozens of decades.

Amazon TrainersAmazon Trainers

The Amazon Trainers are a group of muscular women who work for Seth Anasai.

Dr. GreenDr. Green

Like most doctors, Dr. Green thinks he's god and has no problem playing with the lives of others to prove it.

Dr. BlackDr. Black

Dr. Black is a collegue and competitor of Dr. Green who values human life just as much as his fellow doc.

The characters in the Wandering Koala myths are as varied and colorful as in any other universe or mythology.