The Hook

The Hook (a Wandering Koala tale)

Horror Fantasy Short Story

Could music become the next deadly addiction?

We all know music can affect your mood, but what if could do more? What if a song not only got stuck in your head but in the rest of your body as well? What if music became addictive?

Someone in the town of Lyman has discovered a new melody that is more addictive than any drug and is selling it on the streets. Teenagers are hooked with one listen. They stop paying attention in school, playing with their friends, even eating. And to buy more they resort to selling all they have, then selling all they can find or steal. And in the distance, an ominous howl can be heard—a harbinger of death.

Only the intervention of a Silent Wanderer has any chance of freeing the town from this invisible trap...

Praise for Jeff Thomason

“Thomason’s prose is clean and colorful, but not condescending.... His dialogue ... is stand-out.”
The Scattering

“Mr. Thomason did pulp just as Terry Pratchett does fantasy: with a jaded, not-hidden-in-the-least streak of humor and criticism that added layers and layers of enjoyment to the whole experience.”
Ron C. Nieto at Stories of my life

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The Hook The Hook The Hook The Hook

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