Power Trip

Power Trip (a Wandering Koala tale)

Young Adult Adventure Book

René thinks he’s hit the jackpot!

After six months of no luck following college, he finds the perfect job with excellent benefits at The Power Company doing what he graduated in.

But a newly hired manager has a mysterious agenda. Employees disappear with no warning, and René is caught in a massive explosion that leaves the city of 8 million without power during a record-breaking heat wave. Riots rage and fires burn as the city plunges into chaos, and René finds himself framed for sabotage.

Only the intervention of a silent wanderer can save him and the rest of the city from a deadly power trip.

Praise for Power Trip

“Straight to the point: I enjoyed this one so much that I could not put it down! It’s an adventure, technically speaking, but there was a wry half-smile in my lips all the time. Mr. Thomason did pulp just as Terry Pratchett does fantasy: with a jaded, not-hidden-in-the-least streak of humor and criticism that added layers and layers of enjoyment to the whole experience.”
Ron C. Nieto at Stories of my life

“There is a real tongue-in-cheek style that manages to poke fun at the business sector and large companies in general without appearing rude or derogatory and there are some really positive messages about monopoly, greed, corruption and profiteering that manages to hit the nail on the head.”

“Fun, engaging, accessible. ... [T]he illustrations would have sealed the deal.... Some of them are genius, like the imp ones. Freaking brilliant.”
L.E.Olteano from Butterfly-o-Meter Books

“This is an enjoyable read for those looking for something that is multilayered. Many of the situations will sound familiar to anyone that has worked in a large business....it will make you think.”
Jennifer Hampton from Hampton Reviews

“...the satiric nature of the story really made it a great read.”
Read_A_Book at BarnesAndNoble.com

Interior Illustrations

Power Trip Power Trip Power Trip Power Trip

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