The Phantom Coach

Wandering Koala meets the Beast who came for Christmas

Holiday Comic Book

Everyone loves Christmas, right?

It’s Christmas Eve and the residents of Alpine Falls are preparing to celebrate the birth of our Lord. As carolers spread good cheer something else is spreading terror and destruction—and no one is sure why. Why would anyone want to destroy anything as wonderful as Christmas?

Only a visiting Silent Wanderer and his two friends can discover the secret behind its dark purpose and stop it from crushing the Hope and Peace mankind so desperately needs...

Praise for Jeff Thomason

“Thomason’s prose is clean and colorful, but not condescending.... His dialogue ... is stand-out.”
The Scattering

“Mr. Thomason did pulp just as Terry Pratchett does fantasy: with a jaded, not-hidden-in-the-least streak of humor and criticism that added layers and layers of enjoyment to the whole experience.”
Ron C. Nieto at Stories of my life

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The Phantom Coach The Phantom Coach The Phantom Coach The Phantom Coach

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