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Wandering Koala crashes The Auction

Wandering Koala crashes The Auction

Not all horror stories involve haunted houses and serial killers. Some are even more sinister.

For years the government has collected and stored emails, phone calls, and other personal information from its citizens. At the same time, identity theft is at an all time high. It was only a matter of time until this database?an all too tempting target for would-be thieves?would be compromised and the identities of countless citizens put up for auction to the highest bidder.

Can even the intervention of the Wandering Koala, a mysterious figure left speechless since childhood, protect the identities of every man, woman, and child?

Wandering Koala 80-page Giant #1 contains the picture novella Wandering Koala crashes the Auction along with comics and an illustration gallery.


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